Sunday, March 6, 2011

New News

I have some new news for everyone.

Previously I mentioned my study group's business idea about an online auction website that focuses on selling student art and donates a portion of proceeds to school art programs. Well, we had made into the latter rounds of a competition for investment but lost before the final round. My group is continuing to explore the idea, but as of right now, no investment. I do also have another idea related to automating advertising for restaraunts which I will be submitting to a business competition in April, so hopefully I will make some progress there.

Also, previously, I mentioned my light bulb approach to getting a job. Well, I got an email from a big wig boss at KPMG who I sent a lightbulb to two weeks ago. He requested a meeting so I will be going to meet with him in London on March 16th. Normally job applicants wouldn't get to meet with a boss of this level until their most final interview, so I am excited what will come out of it.

I have done two pretty dumb things this week: first, I went to buy some pants at debenhams, and picked up a pair of 34 x 30 jeans that I took to try on. They were a bit too small so I returned to the rack to get the next biggest size, then bought them, and left. Suprise suprise, when I got home I realized I accidentaly picked up just another pair of 34 x 30. Back to debenhams. The other thing I did was pay to use the clothes dryer, then leave forgetting to actually start the dryer. It wasn't such a huge deal except the laundry room is two blocks from my house and when I arrived the next morning my clothes were wet and the dryer ready for me to click start!

I might be going to India in late-april. I am excited about the idea and will share more details soon.


  1. Looks like things are going well for you!! The lightbulb idea is pretty clever- good luck with your interview.

  2. Ooh good job bro. Good luck with the interview. Don't let our Leavitt social skills (or lack thereof) get in the way!!!