Monday, February 21, 2011

Scotch Eggs

Everyone expects I am eating a lot of fish and chips... And although I have eaten them a few times since arriving in Oxford, my favorite treat is in fact Scotch Eggs. They are a hard boiled egg, wrapped in breakfast sausage then rolled in bread crumbs and finally baked. They are delishous, really cheap--70p, and maybe somewhat healthy!

I am still on the jobs path. I recently applied via my lightbulb idea to GroupOn ( They are a very fast growing and new company that buys stuff in bulk then sells it quickly via their website deals. The position they have offered is 'entrepreneur in residence'... a job where I would help in a creative fashion grow their company in new markets. I think I would enjoy the job greatly so am hoping to here back from them soon. I also have an application for management consulting at Deloitte which I should hear about this week.

Not many of you have met Anna... She, somewhat reluctantly... :), agreed to engage in a relationship with me back in October. I enjoy her greatly and there is much unique about her: she is doing a masters in immunology here at oxford... I had no idea what immunology was but have since learned it deals with complicated reactions of the immune system, and specifically things like HIV and rheumatoid arthritis. She also speaks russian and enjoys latin and ballroom dancing. There is much more to say and I will share more in time.

The weather here in Oxford has been gloomy and dim for about a month now and it can be depressing at times. I have three weeks off in April and am hoping the weather will be decent so I can make it out on an english river for the first time. I live about two hours from the River Test which is a world-famous trout stream. The catch is that in England land owners own river rights so accessing a river often requires payment. I got quite good at sneaking into farmers corn fields hunting for pheasants as a teenager so think I might have to transfer my skills to sneaking up rivers for hungry fish.


  1. Yo hippie you have been missing out on some sick midge action. My brother was in town and we hit up the O on Friday and Saturday...and slayed them! As for the Wood on Sunday, it was a blast breaking ice out of our guides every other cast...but casting/catching risers all day long was even better! The SFB has treated my nicely also. I have fished around 11 days since 12/31...and I have not seemed to miss skiing a bit!

    Glad to see you are doing well. I was reading about The River Test just ther other day in 'Fifty Places to Flyfish Before You Die'. I think its crazy that on some stretches you are allowed only to cast upstream and only cast to fish that are actively rising. Hope you get a chance to fish really soon. There are other nearby stillwater bodies that apparently hold nice fish too...have you looked into any of these?

    Hope things continue to go good for you bro!

  2. Whats this a bout you sneaking into my corn fields. Glad to hear you're enjoying Oxford and wish you the best. Just stay out of my corn fileds,
    Best Regards,
    Jim Farmer
    PS Buck our English yellow lab sired his sixth litter this past summer.