Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Current Struggle

I've been struggling with quite a bit recently. Beyond the demands of the Oxford MBA and trying to sort out my after MBA gameplan, I am also trying desperatly to stay in touch with my family and friends who I dearly love and miss. Ive been hesitant to start blogging for a while because I would really like to know whatever everyone back home is doing far more than I want to talk about myself. So, please, take my lead and create a blog for yourself so I can also keep up to date.

The MBA this term is pretty demanding. We were given different course options and for reasons I can no longer make sense of I thought it would be best for me to take very quantitiative courses. I am now seriously regretting the decisioin, as I am multiple weeks behind in both finance and macroeconomics. The math in both of these courses is beyond me and it is going to take quite a few weekends of dedicated studying to catch up. The catch up process is very challenging beacuse I have very few free weeekends.

My approach to jobs is very focused with a strategy i thought up over Christmas. Like all things I do, I cannot seem to take everyone's else's approach to finding a job. Most MBAs try to network with people and send out resumes, etc. I decided upon a creative approach whereby I am going to take apart lightbulbs, replace the wire that normally lights up with a sheet of paper that lists a website, build the website selling myself, then send the light bulbs with a note saying 'i have an idea for you' to prominent managers at cool companies like Google, Microsoft, etc. Here is one of the lightbulbs:

I have sent out six light bulbs as of yesterday so hope to start getting contacted soon. I do like doing things in my own way, however, it is usually quite intimidating and worrying until I start to see some success. Hopefully this works out.

Im not allowed pets in my dorm room... but i decided to stretch the rules some. This is three-leg george. I made him from a glue stick and paperclips. He has quite a funny personality... sometimes he just sits there doing nothing, other times he falls over then can't get up, a few times he has ended up in my bowl of corn flakes. He makes for quite an exciting time!

In addition to trying to find a job, I am also continuing with my entrepreneurial roots. I am only really pursuing a job beacuse I don't have the right business idea yet, but as soon as I do I will be back to the grind of getting a company off the ground. As of right now, I am working with four other MBA students in developing a business plan for an online art aution focusing on student art. We want to create an ebay like website focused specifically on student art and as a way of promoting the site donate partial proceeds to poorly funded art programs at schools. It is quite a fun idea and does have good prospect. In fact, we just made it into round 2 in an Oxford-based Entrepreneur competition. More details to come.

The name of this blog is 100 Days on The Owyhee beacuse I started a goal last April of fishing 100 days before I left Idaho for Oxford. I didn't hit 100, but I came close at 60. It was quite an amazing summer of adventure with fish and I learned quite a bit about myself and the things that are important to me. I do want to share more about it, and hopefully on this blog I slowly will. As of now, im going to end this post, and hope that you all create your own blogs. I am going to try to post once a week.


  1. Three-leg George seems like a character...I bet you didn't know he could bring a man and his wife to tears (laughter). I like your ideas...the light bulb, blog, etc. Spring is coming...all I can say is caddis on the O. I hope you make it. Nice to see you are doing good.

  2. Update your blog a lot so I can read it! It is quite interesting hearing all your plans. I still remember when you came in my room at 2 in the morning over christmas to tell me you had an idea. Good luck! The bulbs looks awesome. Miss you love you!!