Sunday, March 6, 2011

New News

I have some new news for everyone.

Previously I mentioned my study group's business idea about an online auction website that focuses on selling student art and donates a portion of proceeds to school art programs. Well, we had made into the latter rounds of a competition for investment but lost before the final round. My group is continuing to explore the idea, but as of right now, no investment. I do also have another idea related to automating advertising for restaraunts which I will be submitting to a business competition in April, so hopefully I will make some progress there.

Also, previously, I mentioned my light bulb approach to getting a job. Well, I got an email from a big wig boss at KPMG who I sent a lightbulb to two weeks ago. He requested a meeting so I will be going to meet with him in London on March 16th. Normally job applicants wouldn't get to meet with a boss of this level until their most final interview, so I am excited what will come out of it.

I have done two pretty dumb things this week: first, I went to buy some pants at debenhams, and picked up a pair of 34 x 30 jeans that I took to try on. They were a bit too small so I returned to the rack to get the next biggest size, then bought them, and left. Suprise suprise, when I got home I realized I accidentaly picked up just another pair of 34 x 30. Back to debenhams. The other thing I did was pay to use the clothes dryer, then leave forgetting to actually start the dryer. It wasn't such a huge deal except the laundry room is two blocks from my house and when I arrived the next morning my clothes were wet and the dryer ready for me to click start!

I might be going to India in late-april. I am excited about the idea and will share more details soon.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Scotch Eggs

Everyone expects I am eating a lot of fish and chips... And although I have eaten them a few times since arriving in Oxford, my favorite treat is in fact Scotch Eggs. They are a hard boiled egg, wrapped in breakfast sausage then rolled in bread crumbs and finally baked. They are delishous, really cheap--70p, and maybe somewhat healthy!

I am still on the jobs path. I recently applied via my lightbulb idea to GroupOn ( They are a very fast growing and new company that buys stuff in bulk then sells it quickly via their website deals. The position they have offered is 'entrepreneur in residence'... a job where I would help in a creative fashion grow their company in new markets. I think I would enjoy the job greatly so am hoping to here back from them soon. I also have an application for management consulting at Deloitte which I should hear about this week.

Not many of you have met Anna... She, somewhat reluctantly... :), agreed to engage in a relationship with me back in October. I enjoy her greatly and there is much unique about her: she is doing a masters in immunology here at oxford... I had no idea what immunology was but have since learned it deals with complicated reactions of the immune system, and specifically things like HIV and rheumatoid arthritis. She also speaks russian and enjoys latin and ballroom dancing. There is much more to say and I will share more in time.

The weather here in Oxford has been gloomy and dim for about a month now and it can be depressing at times. I have three weeks off in April and am hoping the weather will be decent so I can make it out on an english river for the first time. I live about two hours from the River Test which is a world-famous trout stream. The catch is that in England land owners own river rights so accessing a river often requires payment. I got quite good at sneaking into farmers corn fields hunting for pheasants as a teenager so think I might have to transfer my skills to sneaking up rivers for hungry fish.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Current Struggle

I've been struggling with quite a bit recently. Beyond the demands of the Oxford MBA and trying to sort out my after MBA gameplan, I am also trying desperatly to stay in touch with my family and friends who I dearly love and miss. Ive been hesitant to start blogging for a while because I would really like to know whatever everyone back home is doing far more than I want to talk about myself. So, please, take my lead and create a blog for yourself so I can also keep up to date.

The MBA this term is pretty demanding. We were given different course options and for reasons I can no longer make sense of I thought it would be best for me to take very quantitiative courses. I am now seriously regretting the decisioin, as I am multiple weeks behind in both finance and macroeconomics. The math in both of these courses is beyond me and it is going to take quite a few weekends of dedicated studying to catch up. The catch up process is very challenging beacuse I have very few free weeekends.

My approach to jobs is very focused with a strategy i thought up over Christmas. Like all things I do, I cannot seem to take everyone's else's approach to finding a job. Most MBAs try to network with people and send out resumes, etc. I decided upon a creative approach whereby I am going to take apart lightbulbs, replace the wire that normally lights up with a sheet of paper that lists a website, build the website selling myself, then send the light bulbs with a note saying 'i have an idea for you' to prominent managers at cool companies like Google, Microsoft, etc. Here is one of the lightbulbs:

I have sent out six light bulbs as of yesterday so hope to start getting contacted soon. I do like doing things in my own way, however, it is usually quite intimidating and worrying until I start to see some success. Hopefully this works out.

Im not allowed pets in my dorm room... but i decided to stretch the rules some. This is three-leg george. I made him from a glue stick and paperclips. He has quite a funny personality... sometimes he just sits there doing nothing, other times he falls over then can't get up, a few times he has ended up in my bowl of corn flakes. He makes for quite an exciting time!

In addition to trying to find a job, I am also continuing with my entrepreneurial roots. I am only really pursuing a job beacuse I don't have the right business idea yet, but as soon as I do I will be back to the grind of getting a company off the ground. As of right now, I am working with four other MBA students in developing a business plan for an online art aution focusing on student art. We want to create an ebay like website focused specifically on student art and as a way of promoting the site donate partial proceeds to poorly funded art programs at schools. It is quite a fun idea and does have good prospect. In fact, we just made it into round 2 in an Oxford-based Entrepreneur competition. More details to come.

The name of this blog is 100 Days on The Owyhee beacuse I started a goal last April of fishing 100 days before I left Idaho for Oxford. I didn't hit 100, but I came close at 60. It was quite an amazing summer of adventure with fish and I learned quite a bit about myself and the things that are important to me. I do want to share more about it, and hopefully on this blog I slowly will. As of now, im going to end this post, and hope that you all create your own blogs. I am going to try to post once a week.